Morning musings

Been getting up at 5am the last two days, to make up for having to leave early due to a completely pointless roadshow that my employer held on Thuesday evening. (Pointless cause I hearn nothing I hadn't heard before).

Getting up earlier seems to have some advantages. First off, public transport is pretty quiet that early, so that is nice. It also seems that the route between my work and Utrecht Central, my crossover station, seems to be covered by a double-decker train earlier in the morning, and these are pretty nice and roomy, so able space to get out my laptop.

In fact, I had to pull out my laptop, as my XDA began running out of power halfway here, while listening to yesterdays Daily Source Code. I did not have a change to recharge it last night cause I wasn't home, I was staying at mothers as I usualy due on Whensday.

I managed to listen to the first half of the latest cast from IT Conversations; an interview with David Goodman at Digital ID World. I must say that I find these interviews highly enjoyable, but it also stirs this old familiar pet peeve I have.. more on that in the next post.

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