My Android app’s and finally a decent Jabber client: Jabiru

Here are 2 videos I made of how I currently use my G1. I show off some apps and how they work.
I am especially happy with finally finding a descent Jabber client with conference support. (specifically: xep-0045 support)

The app is called jabiru and is quite simple, fast, nice and compact. You can find it on the Android marketplace.

With this I can now finally chat in my regular chatroom, the wowcast chat on Bindpoint, which is not actually a Jabber chat at all, but is exposed as such. (I am hoping that they will also expose their chat system as IRC at some point).

Video one: (click here if you cant see the video below)

Video two, Jabiru connecting to Bindpoint: (click here if you cant see the video below)


  1. If you are looking for a decent Jabber/XMPP client then look out for Jabbroid. It has some nice features (MUC, full avatar support, some PEP stuff, geoloc and some more) and is pretty stable for an alpha version. Check it out at or search for Jabbroid in Android Market.

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