The Gillmor Gang Podcast – temp RSS feed and other stuff

For those of you following the Gillmore Gang podcast, you may have noticed the feed has not been updated recently.

All queries directed at Steve Gilmore about this, have resulted in him simply pointing us to the live stream of the Gang, as its recorded on Leo Laporte's site on Friday or Saterday. He gives very little advance warning of when they are going to do a show. And its just down to luck, and your own personal schedule wether you are in the position to listen to this at the time.

After about a month of this, several people, like myself and Dave Winer, have become fed up, and this Friendfeed discussion has resulted in various alternative resources being made available, including a certain "Jack" very helpfully providing us with an alternative RSS feed, coming out of Yahoo pipes.

Here is my own little rant, followed by the complete conversation:

"I cannot understand why they would stop the podcast. I dont care what else they do, as long as I can recieve it as a podcast. The ENTIRE point of podcasting was its time-shifted nature, the fact that we can unshackle ourselves from the -obsolete- broadcasting model. Realtime has its place, but one does not preclude the other. Going live-only is a step back in my opinion. They cut -so- many people out of their listenership, I cant wrap my head around it!"


To summorise, here are the various resources currently available:

Internet Archive:

Yahoo Pipes conversion from the Internet Archive, into an RSS feed:

Feedburner version of above RSS feed:

ISOHunt Search (rss) for any Torrent with the words "Gillmor Gang" in it:

Update 20 July 2009:
After the little Spat with Leo Laporte, Steve has not done another Gillmor Gang.
It looks like we shall have to go without for the forseeable future 🙁


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