Dreaming of a 3G Christmas ?


Now.. I dont know a whole lot about most wireless technologies, but 3G seems to have cost the telecomunications industry more money than they can ever earn back, at least from what I hear.

The auction of 3G licenses and radio spectrum in Europe played a significant part in the tech bubble of the late 1990s. Convinced that 3G adoption would be rapid and the profits from data massive, European telecommunications companies ploughed a total of €109 billion into the licenses alone, for a total of approximately €300 billion including equipment and marketing. – Wikipedia

With the increasing range and coverage of Wifi networks and their providers, I have to wonder weather broadband Wifi services are going to replace a lot of the 3G demand the coming years…

I mean..  if I can get 802.11g access in almost all the places that I live and work.. and so can all my collegues and friends.. then why do I need a 3G phone when all the content, and of course VoIP, can come to me over regular internet channels at a fraction of the cost?

Sure where not there quite yet..  but how long until serious Wifi providerors start offering phone-like services as an alternative?

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