Skype chatting with Kevin, Eric and David

Oke.. this was seriously cool!

On a few Saterdays, Kevin and I have chatted, as he's used some of that stuff in his podcast, but I was just really happy in and off itself to have a chat like this.

Today however, we had a 4-way discussion group with Myself, Kevin Devin, and David Newberger and Eric Maynard, where we discussed some topics that we all have to deal with, in this case, primarily we discussed user support tools, call tracking, and the personal aspect of dealing with users and supporting them.

I was great to be able to talk with other technical guys about this kinda stuff, I dont often get the chance.

I need to put up some links here for the guys:

Microsoft Office Live Commincations Server 2005

Outlook Helpdesk

I tried in vain to find a link to the LCS demo movie I was talking about..  so I will send you guys the link and msn so you can download off my server

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