Podcast quality going up

Podcast quality is going up.

Now this comment comes forth from just general perseption, listening to podcasts. People seem to be setteling into formats now, getting routines going, getting their hands on better equipment like mixers and better mic's, and just getting more skilled at presenting shows, talking, editing, etc.

But another reason I felt the need to post this was because this morming I listened to our In the Trenches recording of Saterday, and I manged to listen to the first half of the latest Promiscuous Bullet.

Promiscuous Bullet is a show that just seems to be getting better everytime I listen. The quality of the discussion between the Bates brothers and the topics covered are increasingly drawing my interest.

But listening over the In The Trenches Tech Chat again.. I just got very exited.

This is exactly the kind of stuff, and more importantly, the level at which I wanna talk about Information Technology.
I came away from that conversation feeling more connected to the world than ever before, and all of us on IM thereafter seemd to share that positive experience!
It was so good to finally connect to some people with a similair insight, and similair enthousiasm about IT, as myself.
And it occured to me that we where hitting home the entire reason for the podcast, the whole reason Kevin set it up in the first place.. it reached my ideal of what a talkshow or prodcast on system administration should be like, and its an ideal I have had for many a year, long before podcasting, but was never able to find.

Now the next bit is a little personal.

Though lack of anyone similair to talk to about tech on this level, I have often 'practiced' in my mind what I would have to say about any of these topics I find interesting. Often I have endlessely debated and argued topics in my head, imagining I was standing in front of a croud, in a lecture hall or something, explaining things to them.

Saterday gave me the opertunity to live out that fantasy, of actually bringing into practice many of my idea's and ways of bringing them. Of actually being able to discuss tech in the way you hear other techs talk about it, when listening to other podcasts, or webcasts (like technet), or when you attend a conference, etc. I have always wanted to 'lecture' like that, and actually hearing myself really do it, with an attentive audience, that actually understood, agreed, responded and gave feedback..  this was incredible to me.
And guess what..  I didn't sound like a complete dork! I actually sounded like I had always imagined myself to sound like in such a conversation.. I sounded.. proffessional, adult even! Can you believe its a pleasant suprise to me to actually realise I sound like and adult? Is it wrong for one to be proud of oneself? I dont know and I dont care 🙂


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