How to be an asshole to other passengers

Oke.. here is a breakdown of what my daily morning and commute looks like.

6am, alarm goes, get up. Walk into living room (usually naked), turn on laptop. Get the shower going (takes a minute to warm up), laptop has awoken from hibernation (I rarely log on or off), start ipodder (or doppler, depending on stability of current build), shower, get dressed, gel, teeth, check status of podcasts.. quit ipodder if taking too long (you cant cancel individual feed downloads.. for fucks sake)..  take XDA out of cradle, remove 512mb sdcard, stick it in the laptop, media player start to sync it with my 2 customized playlists (podcasts and openpodcast), say hello to anyone online, , pack up laptop and adaptor, leave at precisely 6.45am to catch tram.

During 5 minute walk to tram, fiddle with XDA/Qtec headphones, refresh the mp3 list in GMPlayer, and start to listen.. usually to the Daily Source Code of the previous day. Usually queued up are In The trenches, techshorts, Usefull sounds (cause I love Nicole’s voice to wake me up), any IT conversations, any openpodcasts, Promiscious Bullet, .. usually in that order..but depends what has been downloaded.

Tram ride to The Haugue central station takes about 20 mins, walk to train downstairs, train leaves about about 7.16am.

(Noticed how I didnt have breakfast?)

In the train I walk all the way to the front of the train, cause there are like no people there, get myself a two-seater, which gives me the benifit of the little fold-out table in the back of the seat in front of me. Pull out the laptop, and switch my podcast listening to that, using a different earplog set.  I do this to conserve the battery power on my phone, as I can charge my laptop at work, but not the phone.

Trainride is about 40 mins..  passes two other stations, train gets progressively fuller every time it stops.

Now the trick is to discourage people from setting down next to you.. I hate being cramped in the train, and with this massivve fucking laptop out.. things get cramped fast. I kinda make room in the seat next to me, so I dont look like a complete fuck-head, but not enough room for someone to be encouraged to sit next to me.

This usually works, I would say 3 out of every 5 trips I get the double-seat to myself.

At Utrecht Central station I have about 15-20 minutes to spend before the next train leaves for Hilversum..  so I usualy spend it at the little cafe on the station, and order the best Cappochino in the whole world. They have Wifi covering the station (when its working), and I get online and do whatever.. while more podcasts download.. rss bandit refreshes, etc.

On Vriday I deliberatly miss my first train so I get to spend about 50 minutes in the cafe, and can relax and whatch the people go by, and chat or whatever… I always like my vridays kinda laid back, as work is usually kinda quiet too, so it all fits in.

Finish down my coffee and cram myself though the masses of people on the platform for my train.. this particular platform is like way.. way ..way to narrow for those few thousand people entering and disembarking this little train.

Now I have tried, on occasion, to pull out the laptop on this particilar train.. but its just impossible.. its way to crammed. As apposed to the frist train, which is a fast train, and thus of of a different type and roomier, the slow train (stop-train), gives no space whatsoever to even sit properly.. let alone get this laptop out.  So I resort to my phone again.

Phone stays on until I arrive at work, this includes the 10 minute walk after the train station. I arrive at work at 8:55.

At work I will usually stick on the phone when I do that backup run, as I have to walk all over the place and am bored to tears.

Return trip is more or less the same, but I dont get to spend any time at the cafe though. Nor would I want to, in the eveing its crammed with smoking people, and I hate that.

I leave at 17:35 precisely, to catch the 17:48 slow train to Utrech central again.  This train is occasionally late, which means i often miss the narrow 18:17 connection – the fast train back to The Hague central. I will often just miss this train anyway cause I have less that 3 minutes to catch it.. and with masses of people in the way, i dont always make it .

No time for wifi at the cafe, and the fast-train is usually filled with people, so not often enough room to pull out the laptop…  Usually by this time my phone runs outa juice too…