Laptop Update

Well my laptop harddisk has really given up now.

The problems have been worsening over the past week, and now it will start ‘tapping’ sometimes, after its been on for a while. Also, it wont boot normally anymore, I have to press ESC during post, and manually select the hdd in the boot menu, and whenever I do that, it tells me that SMART has detected the hdd must be replaced.

I have been clearing all non-essential data off the laptop, and defragmented it. I tried running a checkdisk with recovery, but it fails at step 4, and exists with an unspecified error.

I am convinced its been overheating that has killed the hdd, as I had the laptop on in its bag a few times, so I could listen to podcasts.. this was before I had the new heardphones.

Anyway…   I got a phonecall on Vriday from Dynabyte, telling me I would be phoned this week when the replacement laptop had arrived at the shop.

A collegue of mine already had his replaced, but told me that he didn’’t get a new SD-Card reader/USB Stick with the new one. That really sucks, as I think the included card reader is really great… so I will ‘’forget’’ to pack it with my old laptop is see if they notice..

Old laptop:


New Laptop:


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