A New tech chat @ In The Trenches

In The Trenches (The Podcast for sysadmins and IT professionals) has a new tech chat up, which I took part in again. We talked far longer than we originally planned to, so we covered a bunch of topics; Podcasting via Bittorrent IE vs Firefox At home vs  corperate enviroments, pro’s and cons, managability, features, etc.
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A Blog to keep an eye on

My good friend and colleague Maarten Visser has finally started a blog, called Visions of the Future. He is as enthousiastic about technology as me, so that means his blog is worth watching He is also planning to podcast! Visions of the Future – My vision on new technologies and there potential (rss)

Robert’s blog @ MSN

Robert’s blog @ MSN Yup.. here it is. First impressions are good. It looks really slick, and I like the fact that you can rearrange the content windows.. a feature we already know from Sharepoint technologies and MyMSN. The fact that MSN has so integrated its functionality with the rest of their offerings, and MSN
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